Mafalda Dias


Postodoctoral Researcher
Systems Biology Department
Harvard Medical School

I am a postdoc in Debora Marks’ group in the Systems Biology Department at Harvard Medical School. My current research focuses on computational biology and statistics, but as a theoretical physicist I used to work primarily on early universe cosmology.

In biology, I develop probabilistic models of protein and genomic sequences. In particular I am interested in the problem of making robust predictions and dealing with uncertainty when learning the map from protein sequence to function, and the genetic architecture driving antimicrobial resistance and epidemiology.

In cosmology my work focuses on the very early universe and its relation to string theory. I worked on inflation model building from string theory where theoretical uncertainties are explicitly taken into account within a probabilistic approach. I also developed frameworks for computing accurate predictions of cosmological observables from fundamental physics models.

You can find my papers in my Google Scholar or INSPIRE profiles. Software for computing correlation functions of primordial density fluctuations generated during inflation is available through